Vintage Rachel Books

My early books are nearly all out-of-print at this point – though used or remaindered copies can be had for a penny on the Internet. Meanwhile, I have shifted my creative energies toward deeper spiritual material, poetry, and my novella-length work of literary fiction (as yet unpublished, but you never know).

My first book, 365 Words of Well-Being for Women, was published in 1995 by Contemporary Books, who eventually merged with The McGraw-Hill Companies. The original book was absolutely lovely in design and production, but, alas, the quality paper, ink colors, and ideal gift-book size took a tumble in a subsequent printing. Excerpts ran in McCall’s magazine as a 5-pg spread plus a monthly feature and the book also led to a monthly back-page feature in American Baby magazine around the turn of the century. As they say, the best thing about a first book is that it may lead to…

…a second book, which in this case was What There Is To Love About A Man, published by Sourcebooks in 1999. I contend that this is the only book in captivity written by a woman for the sole purpose of unabashedly honoring and celebrating all things male — body, mind, and spirit. The back-cover copy says it all: “Insightful, enlightening and more than a little sizzling, this book is guaranteed to inspire new appreciation for any man that you kknow, and a richer, deeper affection for every man that you love.” I would love to see the sentiments expressed in this out-of-print gem repackaged, reformatted, or otherwise resurrected in collaboration with a savvy publisher or book packager.

In 2002, Contemporary Books brought out 365 Words of Well-Being for Mothers, which seemed to crash and burn on arrival due to a host of issues including a misstep with the cover design as well as my own experience in a rollover car crash that took me out of the game for about a year with a mild traumatic brain injury. Too bad, since I felt the book was even richer than the title that spawned it. Amazon offers a Kindle download, though paper copies are nearly non-existent.

2003 was the year that I barely remember, except to say that Barnes & Noble secured the rights to publish a hardcover Bargain Book version of “365 Words of Well-Being for Women,” albeit with a new title and cover. Words of Wisdom for Women contains the identical content as the original, if you can find a copy. The book used to show up on the website at irregular intervals, and sometimes on display at a B&N store, but my limited information suggests that this book is now out-of-print as well. B& offers used copies for a penny (sigh); and a recent reviewer noted she picked one up at a Goodwill thrift store. Still gave it five stars, though, and for that, I am grateful.

My most recent book, Be Filled with Faith, was released in 2010 by Blue Mountain Press and has its own link in the sidebar. I also have entries in numerous anthologies, as well as several greeting cards with Blue Mountain Arts, including these:


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