Affirmations: Go Beyond Old Limitations | Connect to Higher Vibrations | 528 Hz & 852 Hz (video)

Frequency Masters Kenneth and Alexander Soares at Power Thoughts Meditation Club have created a revised video of the Affirmations I wrote and recorded for them back in October 2016. In this new version, they took the video to a new level, adding a primal drumbeat, OM chant, and evocative new imagery from around the planet. Same words and voice, though in a richer, deeper environment.

Consider joining the 299,000 people already subscribed to the PTMC channel, which is packed with a vast array of sound/frequency meditations, healings, and support. And, if you are so inspired, please share with others who are ready to amp up and leave behind old, limiting beliefs and patterns. The New is Now!

Would I love to receive a donation from you today? You bet I would!

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