it is safe now to rest in the bosom of creation (audio poetry 2:45)

The world not only spins these days
It spirals and tumbles end over end,
flinging predetermined tipping points into premature disarray

The clocks and measuring sticks of your mind
melt like popsicles in the mouth of the sun
The molasses of complacency chokes its way
into long-abandoned runnels,
Your intuition leaps out of bounds,
over causeways,
in a hurtling gallop toward the unseen and unannounced

Reaching for the reins proves clumsy
This runaway wagon was not engineered to bow and scrape
in the face of your tender entreaties ~
Letting go begins with hands unfolding
With wings unwrapped and reaching,
Butterflies stream from your knotted belly
Dipping, aswarm, in rampant excitation

Waiting hastens nothing ~
It wedges itself between you and the now,
Squeezing into the very same pockets you could have chosen to fill
with rose petals and willow
and the sweetness of summer’s final curtsy,
With the ecstatic release of your lover’s long-held breath
mingled with the intake of your own

Digging heels into soft loam may offer a measure of peace,
Clusters of clay weave through the weight of one thousand memories
flitting through evaporative sands of time and space ~
It is safe now to be cradled in the bosom of Creation
To be small, to rest
Empty, content

Say you had it all:
what would you possibly do with it?


  1. I enjoyed hearing the poetry. Always a pleasure to hear the writer read their words. The poem is powerful and beautiful. Thank you for sharing the verbal poetry. The poem open the door to thoughts and question to ponder. We must open new doors and tried to learn new things each day.


  2. johncoyote, christine21, Barb,

    Feels like I won the trifecta by being showered with such kind words from you three beautiful beings. I am grateful for having your ears and hearts tilted in my direction. Blessings!


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