september energy forecast from lee harris (video 15:56)

While I finish up the latest update on the Words Divinely Wrought Global Poetry-Share, here’s a comforting dose of balance, calm, and wisdom from Lee Harris. I love his no-nonsense, quiet, intelligent way of speaking about the larger energies that are now affecting everyone, albeit in different ways. Definitely worth investing 15+ minutes of your day or night; then we’ll return to the poetry plantings now transpiring around the globe. (Archived posts may be found toward the bottom of the left-hand sidebar on the Home page. Scroll through the Categories until you reach Words Divinely Wrought.)


  1. Julie

    Wow! What an incredibly beautiful assessment of all that’s transpiring here with the caretaker of the Oregon Words Divinely Wrought. These poems were going to be “sent to sea” with the hopes of finding that special someone who would be deeply touched and transformed after uncorking the bottle. Well, the truth of the matter is that they continue to bless ME while waiting for the twice-cancelled coastal trip. For Those of Us Who Weep has continued to heal me, to give me the courage to carry on in the face of loss of possibility for one of my beloveds, the letting go of a dear sweet boy, the grief-ridden story of a wrongly-accused nephew, the realization of the depth of abuse of a new puppy. Always the giver, I am now in full receivership mode via these Words Divinely Wrought and so very grateful for the soothing balm. So once again, finding myself in the passenger seat of this ride called life, I relinquish control of the outcome and invoke my oft-uttered Hawaiian healing prayer: I love you, I am sorry, Please forgive me, Thank You…to Rachel, to Lee, to the life-giving words themselves, and for this beautiful project.


    • Hey Sweetie,

      Sounds like you are indeed being taken for quite a ride! There really aren’t many rules here, and if you are being touched and transformed by the poems, so be it. You and I so often are navigating similar energies: my heart rests with your heart. If you’d like I’ll send you another set of poems and you can keep two and plant two, or whatever feels right. Truly. Not surprised that you resonated with Lee’s video. It sure hit all the sweet spots for ME! Much love and blessings, Julie.


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