more than a year later, still dancing between storms

In celebration of my bloggiversary this month, I’m revisiting some of my favorite posts. This one first appeared in February 2011 with a different image yet feels fresh as a crocus in the snow. Heads-up: This blog might go “private” in the next few days, as I continue to play with new design themes/templates. If I appear gone, know that I am just away…

Cold Wave appears here with permission of photographer Neil Kremer.

Surely you have noticed — in your own life as well as in the lives of our greater planetary family — that smooth sailing has not recently been the order of the day. Floods and cyclones, revolutions and upheavals, rip-roaring tears in the fabric of individual lives, evolutionary twists and turns and taps on the shoulder have put into bas-relief what so many of us have known in our bellies and hearts for eternity (and then some!):

The rate of change here on Mother Earth is accelerating and expanding. Time has an altogether new and oft-unsettling quality. The familiar is beginning to feel alien — and you can complete the sentence yourself. What is old and no longer works, must (and will)  fall away. New ways of being, living and loving are blossoming — and will arrive most easily for those who can (and will) release their attachment to once-sacred cows. How you choose to moooove(sic) and groove through change is entirely up to you.  

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  1. Ben Sichkaryk

    Rachel, it is what it is, as I am feeling what you are saying. I am feeling mother earth shaking under my feet and I watch my horses and see that all is in change and I welcome the change with open heart. I look forward to new life. I bless you dear lady with much love and healing and wish you the very best with all that is new in your life. xoxo


  2. Ben,
    Such sweet words. Thank you. xoxo

    Well, as far as “many more to come,” who knows? It is such a challenge to see further ahead than this very Now. Thank you for the heartful confetti! xoxo


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