thanks for giving: in praise of significant gestures

thanks for listening
for in your silence the value of my words is affirmed
the uprisings of my heart given flight
thus i know that i am here
and it is good

thanks for whispering
for cutting through the noise with soft-wrought utterance,
damping down the clatter
gently sanding the edges of the sharp and loud
for it is good

thanks for waiting
for in your patience all are given room to grow
and when you are impatient,
thanks for the absence of judgment and scorn
for this, too, is good

thanks for your willingness
for saying yes
for stepping away from yourself when you are able,
for simply being in the room
is so very good

for reaching out
for being curious about who i am
for asking questions without demanding answers,
thanks and thanks
for standing up for what you know is true
for placing your courage in full view
for letting down your guard and granting precious access to your soul,
and thanks
and thanks
and thanks

thanks for loving
for allowing others to bask in your radiance
swim in the dazzle of your eyes,
thus the keys of peace are passed from one to another
and surely, without question,
this is good


  1. dadirri7,
    Most welcome you are! Your lovely avatar picture (with that precious angel in your arms) always brings a smile to my face.

    Beauty resonates with beauty, right? Welcome to Be Whole Now; I hope to see your thoughts often.


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