enough!: manifesto for all who value truth, beauty, freedom & love (classic 09/2008)

truth, beauty, freedom, love

truth, beauty, freedom, love

Now is the time to say Enough!
to the marginalization of all who walk the path of beauty and art

To the unyielding duress of seeking to balance
deep and soulful expression with the strictures of daily existence,

To systems and models that devalue currencies of the heart,
imaginings of the soul, visions and dreams fueled by wisdom, experience,
and an unquenchable yearning to connect heaven and earth,

To the relentless negation of the unimpeachable sine qua non of
art, music, literature, dance, theatre, and philosophy
in any sustainable, thriving and compassionate society,

Now the circle widens and Venus takes her place

War and weapons take flight,
overrun by devotees with well-honed swords drawn
to uplift humanity and provide succor to the weak and the weary of spirit

Art and Beauty wait in the wings while commerce clears its throat
Love and Truth hit their downstage marks
amid the roar of a grateful audience yearning for sustenance

The irresolute masses ache to suckle at the teat of your passion!

You who walk lightly in your search for the Godhead held captive
in every wordstring, in every stroke of the brush,
melody’s trill, gentle footfall, transcendent and lofty upreaching

You who nurture and nourish the divine spark within
even as the incessant crush of containment augers its way into your softened core,
yet refuse to crumple into the madness

Sing out your art holy and profound!
and know that Creation rests transfixed
in the bosom of your visionary outreach

Do not quell the birthing nor numb the urgings of your most potent outpourings!
truth lives in every cell, essential matter of sentient origin

Without art, all is mechanized deliberation and the tattering of spirit
without song, silence goes unpartnered to the allemande

You are the fulcrum upon which the sublime and sublunary meet
in a shuddering of ecstasy

In you rests the power of all-mighty Creation
glimmering phantasia of iridescent bejewelment
arise and bring forth your most splendid manifestations
your heart, gentle spirit, soul’s waxing:


  1. Yeah, without art…it’s all ugly…other than that…what the chuckEcheese are you talking about? Just kidden baby girl…I get it..come on back and read a few post and you’ll get what sons of thunder means too…but, here’s a clue:

    Mark 3:17
    And James the son of Zebedee, and John the brother of James; and he surnamed them Boanerges, which is, The sons of thunder:


    • Dang, son o’ thunder, you ARE a redneck, aren’t you? Hate to burst your bubble, but baby girl here is old enough to be your, er, um, older sister. (-;


  2. tekia

    I enjoy reading your work Rachel. This is another wonderful poem. I really enjoy your vocab in many of your poems as well. Great work!


  3. @ ed,

    Coming from someone who writes a Love Letter a day, this comment is much appreciated and humbly received. *gentle bow*


    From poet to poet, thanks! Here’s an interesting thing about the vocabulary I use in poetry. Oftentimes, a word comes to me and I must first look it up to see what it means and often, how to pronounce it. That’s when I know I have gotten out of my own way and am serving as a vessel for words that yearn to be heard. I always love when the words themselves lead the way.


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