betwixt & between? eight tips for navigating today’s unsettled energies

Feeling a certain sense of urgency, a quickening coupled with a tremulous entry into a new dimensional framework? Or does it seem as though you’re all dressed up with no place to go quite yet? Think: Have you asked for new beginnings, prayed for expanded opportunities to serve, invited clearing and release of all manner of limitation, lack and scarcity?

No need to strive for a response: your answers aren’t really all that important. Wherever you are, here are eight handy tips for embracing today’s unsettled energies with a  modicum of ease, grace, and humor.

Maintain your highest frequency of energy and thought. If that means pulling back from negative, depressive, pessimistic, stuck, or energetically toxic people, so be it. If that means calling or visiting that one person who “gets it,” so be it. Seek out environments that nurture and uplift you. Tend to your own garden without apology.

Allow yourself extra time and extra space for everything. Leave room for the handiwork of The Infinite. Create pockets of time when you are truly free, and once and for all, clear your physical spaces of the detritus of your old ways of being. Experience the luxuriant clarity that emptiness offers. Eventually, no matter what the issue or situation, a gate will swing open and a way will appear.

Scrupulously respect your intuition, regardless of what form it takes. Signs you see on the highway, song snippets you hear in the coffee shop, names of people that pop up into your awareness, a piece of paper on the sidewalk in front of you, an inkling from within. Look, Listen and Act decisively without unnecessary dawdling! This is no longer a test: this is your new way of Living.

Be mindful of slippage into old patterns. Throw yourself a life preserver and head directly back to shore! View yourself as a fascinating anthropological study of old-school human behavior — and then realign yourself as quickly as you can. Stumbling now and then is a given, but ultimately, it’s your choice whether or not to freefall into a major evolutionary face-plant.

Refuse to be bullied by an insistent mind or desperate ego. Invite your heart to the party and help these two awesome facets of human experience learn to play well together. New and unfamiliar territory? You bet! But it’s time to say night-night to your mind’s overarching quest for dominance, and to clear the debris out of the intersection where Heart and Mind meet.

Remember who you are! Please quit begging for enlightenment — and simply remember what you chose to forget. You are a spark of the All-There-Is; a child of God; a precious and rare act of Creation. You are a defender of the Light, a warrior for Love, a starseed and a wayshower who volunteered for a magnificent journey. You are (Fill in the blank). If you’re not finding the right answers, might you be asking the wrong questions?

Show, don’t tell. Embody everything you know to be true, and the world around you can’t help but notice. Truly, there are no lessons to teach, no programs to push, no rules of engagement save one: When you embrace the fullest and purest expression of who you are, the planet shifts to a higher frequency where peace, prosperity, and love will thrive. More than ever before, walk trumps talk.

Cut yourself some slack! Following a spiritual path of consciousness in a material world is a tough assignment. You’ve got to chop cord after cord of wood and haul gallon upon gallon of water. You can feel incredibly lonely, eternally alienated, and hopelessly misunderstood. For what???? So you can experience the never-ending joy of a liberated soul, a well-tuned mind, a body that sings, and an ecstatic relationship with a beingness that defies definition?

Oh, well then, okay…


  1. joer223

    Eight Golden Rules! I need to be mindful of all of them. I really relate to the desperate ego….That one is a real stickler for me. Thank you for yet again posting something of the divine!

    Blessings Rachel…


  2. ed

    god i love how you, first of all, recognize the unsettle energy in us. in me. your vision of navigating authentically in this world is so clean, so sharp. thank you for this today:)


  3. Joe,
    Rules? The only rule I espouse is “Never have rules!” :) Just messin’ with you; thanks for the sugar.

    You are welcome. Thanks for recognizing my ability to connect with the larger cosmic forces. Always nice when someone notices…


  4. Oh, bu ui ui mi mada mua szel, heaven and earth are already connected…
    okay, I appreciate your comment on my red neck post…@, and REALLY appreciate the lady’s picture in the Avatar…which is why I choose to comment here on your that the picture of the beautiful lady in my recent comments section…stays there…as LONG AS POSSIBLE..
    God Bless …love this site…


    • hey there, redneck guy who kind of speaks French:

      If I see the beautiful lady in the avatar, I’ll pass along your kind words. I, myself, am actually a big ole redneck guy, too, (6 ft. and about 287 lbs). Thanks for stopping by. (-;


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